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Bluetrino is an escrow service: a trusted and established way to make and receive payments for work or products. We collect, temporarily hold, and then disburse money only when both the buyer and seller have done what they agreed to.

Escrow has become increasingly popular among freelancers and contractors, artists and artisans, digital nomads and anyone not in formal or full time employment.

Benefits of Bluetrino

Bluetrino is a simple, safe, affordable method to secure your funds.

Surprisingly Simple

Super Secure

Amazingly Affordable

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Our Team

Dr. Gregor Schmitz CEO

I obtained a PhD in Data Science in 1999 and spent many years utilising my skills in…


Chad Faurie CTO

I am a developer by trade; an engineer at heart. Always looking for the latest and…


The simple, secure, affordable way to get paid. From Anywhere.